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. angie, how's the traffic. >> we have one early-morning tieup out of fredericksburg, virginia and looks like it has cleared. this is 95 northbound at route 17. move over to route 395 an show you the commute in to dc. as we take you to 66 lanes are wide open out of gainesville to centreville and beyond and then we are seeing drivers at speed and no fog to deal with this morning, unlike yesterday on 270 out of frederick past 121 to the spur. 95 southbound. we are dealing with construction between 198 and powder mill. we know along the way you will lose part of the right lane and northbound we have construction on the same stretch but we are hearing the lanes are open. back to andrea. >>> a second prince georges county police officer has been suspended in connection with this beating of a university of maryland student captured on videotape last month. the department says its investigating two other officers in the incident. as gary reports it is expanding its investigation to include additional incidents of possible police abuse that same night. >> reporter: in a year's old unruly traditi
is setting in between germantown road area to 370. virginia, virginia. we are keeping an eye on your roads, as well. 66 eastbound tracking the taillights. normal slow go 50 to 123. 395 northbound. total drive time about 15 minutes or so to get from duke to seminary. no incidents along the way and before that on 95 from 123 to lorton we are below speed. that's the traffic. now, back to you. >>> new this morning, a fire sends two georgetown university workers to the hospital. the fire happened around 2:30 this morning on them second floor of the new north building. the two men injured suffered first-degree burns to their arms and legs. no word on what started the blaze. georgetown student newspaper the hoya reports there is some water damage. >>> you have just under 18 hours to get your taxes in to uncle sam. for everyone where last-minute questions, we have help for you this morning with a special tax tip thursday report we go live to jessica doyle. she's at the friendship heights post office in northwest washington. good morning. >> good morning. we are in the home stretch. 8:00 this morni
virginia local act striss gathered in fredericksburg and woodbridge. about 150 tea party activists came to hear mostly republican elected leaders rail against washington. the headliner here is former virginia governor and senator george allen. >> when we see up in washington, these days, are people that are disconnected. they are out of touch. they are about as clueless as hogs looking at a timex watch. >> reporter: it provides sleeg answer for the party activists' anger. november is coming. way my country back. their battle flag, revolutionary era don't tread on me. most say government spending and health care reform drew them to the tea party movement. >> it is time for the silent majority to stand up and say hey, folks, we are here, too. we deserve to be heard also. >> they are not representing me or this country. . when they choose for our laws t be passed, taxes go to abortion, which is murder of children, and they are not listening. they are not listening to anything. they are spending beyond belief. >> reporter: this woman says her biggest concern is the president himself. >> i t
is okay. 95 virginia has a tractor- trailer that jackknifed and lost its rear axle. other than that. this is 95 northbound in virginia, north of the rappahannock river bridge. only one lane gets by to the left. 55 minutes just to get out of fredericksburg. the alternate is not much better. >> brand new video, a fire broke out at a building on georgetown university campus. it happened along the 3700 block of o street in northwest. the details are scarce. >> our top story this morning, two prince george's county police officers are being punished for their role in the video. you saw it first on abc 7. both are serving suspension while the department conducts an internal investigation into brutality claims. this morning we are learning new details about who is officers are. brianne carter is in college park with details. >> good morning. according to the police department, they have identified all the officers involved in the video. so far, two police officers have been suspended. more suspensions may be forthcoming. police said all of the officers involved in the beating at the univer
side, maryland. 39 in springfield and dale city. 37 in manassas. 39 martinsburg, west virginia. when a nice day it will be today. plenty of sunshine today. that's how the irish republican army would say it. 76 degree. >> we have a wrinkle the rush hour. folks coming out of fredericksburg, 95 northbound before you get to -- sorry, north of route 3 before route 17, accident to the left. trackter tiler involved. route 3 to route 1 to 17, back over to i-95. relatively easy. overnight road work, the interchange at quantico should be wrapped up. let's head over to see how we are doing elsewhere. road work on the inner loop. braddock road, few moments ago, flashing lights. they are still out there. >> jerry, thank you. >>> it is now 18 minutes before the top of the hour. why there's suddenly more rest for the weary along virginia's highways. >> search for two missing cousins. why their cell phones could be a crucial clue about what happened to them. >>> a father ar renchlgts cue efforts continue in china following strong earthquakes that struck a mountainous reege original near tibet yester
at old pimlico road. a water main break in baltimore at the city of virginia and only road and also an accident on woodlawn and security boulevard. >>> light rail northbound running about ten to 15 minutes late. and the mark train system, on time service on the penn lines. but trains 872 and 890 are ten minutes light. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> we're 21 minutes from 7:00. and the president is going to set nasa's future up for us this afternoon. he wants to move them away from man space and commercializing space flight. >>> west virginia governor wants to shut down all coal mining tomorrow so they can review all safety measures. this after 29 miners died in west virginia. it is national -- holocaust remembrance week. this is video of a holocaust people bans day back in 2006 in northwest baltimore. >>> breaking news out of europe that involves air travel this nine countries. the volcano from iceland that has a lot of flights grounded in the renal gouge is straight -- ground in the region straight ahead. >>> more suspensions could be on the way after the beating of
. story in virginia will be northbound i-95 at rappahannock. you will find some traffic is squeezing through there single file to the left. already about a mile and a half backup trying to make your way through fredericksburg. traveling closer in to the beltway, no problems to report leaving newington and springfield headed up onto 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> we are following several developing stories from overseas this thursday morning. ash clouds from an erupting volcano in iceland disrupting air travel in northern europe notch flights are allowed in british air space and airports in scotland are closed. the united states has frozen most trans-atlantic flights n iceland, ash isn't the only problem. there is all flooding because the volcano is now erupting into a glacier sending water gushing down the mountain side. >>> in rush yitzhak rabin the foreign ministry has said that all u.s. adoptions of russian children have been suspended. this is fallout from the case of that tennessee woman who sent her adopted 7-year-old son back to moscow alone on a plane.
quiet with one notable exception, the roadwork in virginia i-95 southbound. we lose the right lane headed south through lorton and woodbridge, backup beginning in newington. the hov lanes are configured for the northbound flow and within the hour, vdot should flip over. route 1 as an alternate would certainly be a good idea. let's head over and check out 270 northbound/southbound, doing okay. a report of a vehicle fire up here near 118 in germantown. the fire department came, so far they haven't found anything but we'll keep a watch on and let you know. barbara, back to you. >> all right, jerry. thank you. >>> our time, 11:10. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused smoke to fill the cockpit of a plane that left dulles airport bound for washington state. united flight 9 t 17 took off around 5:00 last night and was headed for seattle but two hours into the flight it had to make an emergency landing in sioux falls, south dakota. for some reason, the cockpit had filled up with smoke, the plane landed safely and no one was hurt. we spoke to one passenger, though, who w
a preliminary briefing today on the west virginia coal mine explosion that killed 29 miners. inspections of over 200 mines in west virginia have been ordered by governor joe manchin. he wants miners to help with the safety inspections. and he wants to honor the victims of the april 5th accident by pausing mine production tomorrow. >>> democrats and republicans are squaring off over the president's new plan to protect taxpayers in the case of another major bank failure. after talks in the white house, republicans ripped into the bill, saying it would protect big banks, hurt small banks and guarantee more taxpayers footing of the bill. >> an unfettered market, where people are taking huge risks and expecting taxpayers to bail them out when things go sour is simply not acceptable. >> it's a bill that actually guarantees future bailouts of wall street banks. >> to bailout or not to bailout. >> the new season of bailouts. >> back door bailouts. >> the bill could make its way to the senate floor as early as next week. so, how would it keep an eye on banks and help protect taxpayers? here's our jon kar
verse her rescuer was quoting. >>> the governor of west virginia ordered an inspection of all of the state's underground mines after an explosion killed 29 miners. there is new criticism of the company that owns the mine and the man that calls the shots. >> we are asking to review all safety procedures. >> he has ordered the underground mines to be expected immediately, starting with those most at risk. it calls for production to be shut down at this friday at all mines. miners will review safety procedures. >> we will say that they have not in died in vain. they have not. >> federal investigators still cannot go underground. levels of combustible methane gas remain dangerously high. has defended his company's safety record. last year, his mind was hit with more safety violations than any other mine in the nation. critics say that for him, safety takes a backseat to profits. >> he is a capitalist straight out of dickens. >> also under scrutiny is his lavish lifestyle, including private jets. he made $11 million last year and $17 million last year. it is a bitter pill to swallo
of virginia avenue and one in aberdeen on route 22 eastbound. and a disabled vehicle on 695 and the outer loop. route 100 to 395. i nine minute ride. route 07 to 32 is nine minutes. megan? >>> 6:01. we're following breaking now out of england where all civilian air travel has been grounded due to drifting ash from that iceland volcano. the cash clouds drifting from the volcano have disturbed the air for air traffic. stay posted and stay on line if you're flying anywhere internationally. >>> today is tax deadline day and you only have 18 hours left to get your taxes postmarked. our state comptroller is trying to answer all your questions. let's good to linda so live this morning on fayette. >> reporter: good morning. it's the calm before the storm. but i can tell you in a few hours they're expecting a mad rush with all the people that have not filed yet. and joining us is state comptroller. you say there are a lot of people that have not filed in. >> no, there's about a million people that filed yesterday and today. so there's a huge delay right at the end here. we're urging everybody don't pan
:30 at in oakton, virginia. >>> maryland senator ben cardin is one of six lawmakers on captiol hill trying to stop spirit airlines from charging for carry-on bags. spirit says that the airline -- or cardin says the airlines are just trying to get around paying taxes by shifting costs to passengers. spirit wants to start to charge $45 at the gate for any carry on bag that does not fit under the passenger's seat. people that we spoke to at reagan national airport were surprised. >> it is criminal. why would anyone want to fly with this airline? >> it is another hidden charge to the passengers. so i think it is silly. i try to pack in my carry on and i would be unhappy if an airline tried to charge me for that. >> reporter: spirit says it lowered the fares to counterbalance the carry on charge and adds many customers will actually end up paying less. >>> this is the time of the year when just about everyone is doing some spring cleaning and the phoebe elementary school in hurst park will help you. on saturday you can take unwanted electronics, audio cassettes, cell phones and other devices to the sch
for the mine industry. this comes on the heels of an explosion that killed 29 miners in west virginia last week. the president received a preliminary report on the disaster today. he warned mining companies that safety should be first in their daily activities. >> owners responsibility for the conditions in the mines should be held accountable for the decisions they made and preventive measures they failed to take. >> west virginia's governor wants the miners in the state to show up for work to do safety checks of the mines. investigators who find safety violations will decide whether to evacuate or close the mines until they are fixed. upper big branch was cited four times this year for violations that may have caused the explosion. >>> the families of two western maryland coal miners who died in 2007 are seeking $8 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. the families filed the complaint today. the defendants include tristar mining incorporated. mining engineers and safety training expert and the mine land's owner. the men were crushed to death beneath thousands of understand the of rock when the
county in virginia arrested a man who appeared to use his own child as a distraction while he snatched a purse. security video took this picture of a man stealing a purse from a cart at the wegmans in fredericksburg this week. a shopper turned her attention away from her cart for just a moment. when she turned back, her purse was gone. police say they used this image to identify and arrest that man this afternoon. >>> still to come on news4, the parents of a little girl found safely after days in the woods. >> rescuers working nonstop to reach children trapped in debris. [ male announcer ] why settle for cable? switch to fios for game-changing entertainment. now is the time to get fios tv along with internet and phone. for a limited time lock in a super low price of $69.99 a month for the first 6 months. see the difference a 100% fiber optic network makes. get amazing hd... top rated internet...and phone. all for just $69.99 a month for the first six months. don't wait -- this offer won't last. call 1-888-get-fios now. this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for cus
are okay all the way down to the spur. moving to virginia. 66 eastbound. the trip seems to be moving well past route 50 to the capital beltway. 395 northbound also keeping an eye on this from duke street to the 14th street bridge. that road is checking out incident and accident free. it is pretty much smooth sailing. 95 northbound before that, drivers are at speed between the prince william parkway to the fairfax county parkway and beyond on to 395. back to andrea. >> a second officer from prince georges county police has been placed under suspension for the beating of a university of maryland student caught on tape last month. 9 news now reporter alex trevino has more. >> reporter: for years university of maryland students celebrated on route 1 after a big basketball win. this year that celebration got out of hand. police have seen in riot gear beating student jack mckenna charging him with assault. prosecutors have since dropped the charges and suspended two officers after the video surfaced. >> we believe we have identified all of -- all of the officers seen in the tape using force. >>
, leading up to this march, this group has been holding armed rallies from kentucky to montana to virginia, anti-government marches and rallies at which participants are encouraged to wear and display their guns. now, even though those folks have been armed at all the state capitols leading up to the 19th march, when they head to the washington monument on the anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing they're not allowed to open carry there. so that second amendment march will be unarmed in d.c. that said, right across the potomac from that site in virginia, that march on d.c., also on the occasion of the oklahoma city bombing anniversary, that march will be armed. participants are being encouraged to bring guns. the organizers are holding it in virginia and bringing people up to the point on the potomac because they say that's as close as they can legally get to d.c. with loaded weapons. one of the speakers at the event, the one with guns, is the ex-alabama militiaman who made news encouraging people to go to democratic party offices and throw bricks through the windows. one other high pro
in west virginia today. >> so no other family member, no other minor will go through what we had to in door in our state. >> the chairman of a congressional panel that oversees mine safety released a list of 48 mines that could face safety violations. 21 of them are there, in west virginia. >>> a bill to extend unemployment benefits is back on track in the senate. democrats hope to passed the measure later today. the bill would extend payments to thousands of people who have had unemployment benefits run out. republicans have been blocking the pan over concerns on how to pay for it. >>> first lady michelle obama is spending a second day yen mexico. she hosted a roundtable discussion involving a group of young leaders. >>> flights to parts of europe have been grounded. a volcano that erupted in iceland yesterday has created a giant ash cloud. that cloud drifted up to 50,000 feet which is the altitude at that major jetliner's flight. flights to london and the rest of europe have been canceled this morning. >> if it is injected into an engine, it could affect performance and cause a
marks the third anniversary of the deadly shooting spree at virginia tech. the gunman killed 32 classmates and faculty. many of the students who were attending the blackburg school at the time of the attack are poised to graduate next month. the school honored survivors at the memorial site. >>> the son of murdered holocaust museum guard participated in a national day of remembrance ceremony today at the u.s. capital. steven jones jr. was given the honor of holding the light as memorial candles were lit. today marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp. world war ii veterans and holocaust survivors were also on hand. >>> investigators say they have developed an important piece of evidence in the murder of virginia tech students, morgan harrington. her remains were found on a farm four months after disappearing from a concert. recently completed testing has determined that a t-shirt found in charlottesville in november belong to harrington. authorities are urging anyone with information in the case to come forward. >>> two georgetown university mainten
. petersburg, west virginia, 82 degrees. we may hit the 80 degree mark in some spots around here tomorrow. as the warmer air is moving in, the one -- warm front is triggering quite a bit of showers. the spotty showers in western pennsylvania. there is and i've had a chance that a brief shower will come -- there's an outside chance that a brief shower will come to western maryland tonight. 51 to 58 for the overnight low with a west wind averaging 5 miles per hour. chicago is back into the 80's. cincinnati, 81. charleston, west virginia, 83. right on the heels of this warm air is another front and this one is going to bring in shot of cool air for the weekend. we will see at least some sun tomorrow and then in the late afternoon, early evening as the cold front is approaching for a shower or thunderstorm, chillier with brisk winds and highs only in the 50's. computer models are generating snow showers in the higher elevations of western maryland for the weekend. for our region, partly cloudy through the day and a thunderstorm likely through the evening. in an ounce, they will get the shower
elected leaders and speakers. not so in virginia where politicians have embraced the party activists. more on that at 6:00. >> we will see you then. julie, thank you. the tea party movement burst on the scene a year ago. according to the latest "new york times"/cbs news poll 18% of americans identify themselves as tea party supporters. those supporters tend to be republican. however tea party members generally hold more conservative views on a range of issues than republicans. according to this survey. they are more likely to describe themselves as very conservative. and president obama as very liberal. and while most republicans say they are dissatisfied with washington, taertd supporters are more likely to classify themselves as angry. >>> utah senator hatch says that he will block a bill that would give doost a voting member of congress if lawmakers do not change a provision that involves his state. that provision would grant utah an additional seat in the house but hatch does not like the way the new members would be elected under the current bill. it allows every citizen of utah to vo
haven't been voting democrats in massachusetts and new jersey and virginia. one point about sarah palin, i think she's doing something very smart here. i think sarah palin's decided it's more important for her to be the power behind 1,000 thrones than sit on the throne herself. she's out there now supporting candidates and republicans and conservatives all over the place and uniting that populist anger paul is talking about. i think she's becoming an even more powerful political force. >> everybody says they don't like partisanship and democrats bash republicans on partisanship. there's a new liberal group that's called "crash the party" and says it will go to tea parties and blend in and be as outrageous as they can, doesn't that add to the fractured nature of politics in america dao? is that really a good smart thing for this group to be doing? >> it's not something i would do and not something i'm encouraging. if i were crashing the party i would bring a sign that says tax cuts for the middle class not millionaires. that's not mischief trying to give the democratic message to folks s
directions and another water main break to watch out for. that's virginia avenue. now here's a live look at the beltway at 23 and you can see we're getting by without too much trouble. this traffic report is the service of wilkins. everyone wins at wilkins. back over to you. >> here's what people are talking about news wise today. another police officer has been suspended after that video that sur vassed showing several of them beating a maryland college park university st. >> reporter: a rowdy victory celebration turned into a violent beating at the hands of prince george's county police and now the video obtained by wjz has sparked an fbi investigation and the prosecutor is looking at possible criminal charges against several officers. >> today we believe that we've identified all of the officers who were seen in the tape of the college park incident. we've already suspended two of those officers. we anticipate more suspensions shortly. our internal affairs division has been working around the clock on this case. >> they're done with that initial investigation. we'll take it to the gra
of west virginia next. >>> plus, look at this. they're calling it a fireball in the sky. the story behind these incredible images ahead on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] there's one reason why over the past 100 years generations of men have trusted gillette. when it comes to shaving, we've given them our best. and on june 6th, we'll give them something even better. [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ right now, walmart has rolled back prices on top lawn care brands like poulan pro, brute by briggs & stratton, pennington, scotts and spectracide. along with thousands of others all over the store. it's rollback time! save money. live better. walmart. >>> welcome back. i'm tamron hall live in the control room at msnbc. president obama has order'd sweeping federal review of coal mine safety
're discussing the latest on last week's mine disaster in west virginia. 29 miners killed in that underground explosion. the nation's worst mine disaster in 40 years. we'll have the president's remarks for you live right here on msnbc. >>> today is tax day and time for those tea parties. tens of thousands of activists are marking today's dreaded tax filing deadline with hundreds of rallies coast to coast, all protesting big government. in d.c. they're just getting ramped up, starting officially, i think, at 11:00 a.m. our reporter is live at dominico plaza. how's it looking? >> reporter: you have the stage over my left and you can see folks just starting to fill in. we've got the rally coming in less than an hour. and, you know, you see people just starting to fill in. they've got their "don't tread on me" signs and their flags, the other colonial signs and all that. and i have a guest with me here, carol from ocean city is here today. why are you here, carol? >> i'm here because i have children and grandchildren, and we cannot, under any circumstances, sustain the debt that we've got and the
. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from west virginia is recognized for three minutes. mr. mollohan: mr. speaker, mr. chairman, i thank the gentleman from california for yielding. and i thank him also for his leadership on mine safety and workplace safety. mr. speaker, i would also like to thank the sponsor of this resolution, my colleague from west virginia's third congressional district, nick rahall. coal miners and the coal industry have no greater champion than the chairman of the natural resources committee, chairman rahall. mr. speaker, tragedy has visited west virginia's coal mines again. if a -- as a visitor, our state knows all too well the names of the communities changed with each visit and the years as well. monanga in 1907, farmington in 1968, sago in 2006 and now raleigh county, april, 2010. the names change, mr. speaker, but the grief and the sorrow, they stay exactly the same. the mother who lost her son last week is united with the sister who lost her brother in 1968 and the daughter who lost her father in 1907. mr. speaker, shy of two million people live in my state, m
're wasting time. it's going to be a gorgeous day. yesterday 62 and sunshine, 77 in charleston, west virginia. and we start off with widespread 40s across the region. a few pockets. cross the northeast, 50 right now. this is the starting trend and -- starting point as we spring board to a nice day. we watch and shift our folk to us the next weather system, a frontal boundary draping its way across the upper northwest. a tremendous fireball caught in the night key from a sheriff's dashcam in minnesota in through wisconsin who saw this thing. and now they can see some benefits of lightning with the next approaching frontal boundary. that system is going to shift our winds. we go from west to southwest and it pumps up the warmer temperatures. we'll get a taste that have frontal boundary and hopefully no fireballs in our sky. today, nine and tomorrow but we'll finish with clouds and rain. this is the mason dixon line where it will hit about 4:00. most the energy is going to slide to the north. we'll take it and stop it at 9:00 p.m. on friday. and heavier showers, maybe storms back in through west
, if this weather holds up, get ready for a lain shift on a major virginia road tonight. that's when crews will start moving all of the lanes of the new little river over the beltway. this is all part of those high occupancy toll lanes that are being worked on. the work is slated to begin at 9:30. it should all be done by 5:00 a.m. tune in tomorrow morning at 4:25 a.m. for angie and see how the traffic is holding up with that new pattern. >>> will the weather be permitting? let's get topper on the terrace. it's nice for now. >> it will last all night. it's going to be much milder. here's your forecast first. for tonight, we stay clear. winds not much of a factor and milder. lows in the 50s. we are talking mid to upper 50s downtown. and remember, the suburbs were in the 30s, much milder. temperatures right now are very nice. we are still in the 70s pretty much across the board. 73 up in gaithersburg and we are looking at 75 in culpeper and mid 70s to upper 70s down fredericksburgway. we will come back and talk about, it's going to feel like late may, almost june tomorrow and feel like marc
wind holding them down to 67 compared to 77 in charleston, west virginia. this is a 20-degree spread from the shoreline back into the mountains of west virginia because that's where the air is coming from. on this tax day, we normally would expect the 15th of april to bring us a low of 42 and high of 64 record in 1973, 31 degrees, 88 and the record high of the heatwave of 1941. records are still on the books for us. the sun comes up. we got ourselves virtually closed skies. we'll really add on to the thermostat this afternoon. this is providing rain and a slow moving frontal boundary for the time being and north wisconsin. this front will be sliding itself in our direction and will reach us by later tomorrow and tomorrow night. but ahead of it it shifts the winds out of the west and the southwest. and that is a warmer flow for us for the places by the chesapeake and the atlantic. we actually get a chance to warm up. but the clouds come back in tomorrow and we have rain on the doorstep by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. heavy rains to the north and west. but there could be spotty showers and
in west virginia. >> i refuse to accept any number of miner deaths as a cost of doing business. we can eliminate chance completely from mining as we can from life itself, but if a tragedy can be prevented, it must be prevented. >> mr. obama said the government will act quickly to get inspectors to get into mines. the coal mine disaster in west virginia is still under investigation. >>> a pioneer in the civil rights movement has died. benjamin hooks, the former executive director of the naacp is credited with bringing new life to the organization. you see him there receiving a congressional gold medal two years ago. he was the first african american to sit on the board of the federal communications commission. reverend hook died this morning in nashville, tennessee. he was 85. >>> 9news now is sponsored by your local toyota dealer. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at progressive.com. >>> all right, you still have time to push the clock and get your taxes filed. you can file an extension. that'
-year-old from triangle, a virginia, say she stole top of the line of luxury cars using a stolen identity and a smile on her face. >> her credit wasn't perfect, her income more than sufficient. >> on that day, she used an identity to steal from a woman in oklahoma and she said her name was christina and had an 800 credit score to back up. at 100% financing was not a problem. that same day, she bought and financed a mercedes at herb cordons in silver spring, then went to manhattan range rover in rockville and financed a $98,000 black range rover. sources say she told the dealership that she was a publisher. with stolen credit, she had her third set of luxury wheels in one day. >> she folded lot of people. >> check out these bank photos. the day after the car shopping spree, she stole a d.c. woman's license and withdrew $11,000 from the victim's bank account. when one of the three luxury cars and up at a police parking lot for an impound violation, she used a fake i.d. to get back. >> the woman at the heart of this case, her real identity, the police say she is unemployed and colle
. >>> following a number of other stories tonight, joe johns joins us with a "360" bulletin. >> west virginia governor has ordered immediate inspection of all underground coal mines and asked the state's 200 underground coal mines to cease production tomorrow to honor the 29 miners killed last week at the upper big branch mine. >>> michelle obama visited schools in mexico and talked about everything from poverty to climate change. she also sat down with a reporter and told him about the strict rules the daughters have to follow when it comes to technology. >> we try to establish a set of guidelines and rules that make sense. no computers, phones, television during the week. we talk a lot with them about the dangers of facebook and sort of getting into that social networking kind of gossip mill or -- you know, that comes from those arctiveties. >> a new report by the federal reserve finds economic recovery is spreading to most parts of the country. merchants are seeing better sales and factories are boosting production but many companies are still wary of ramping up hiring. >>> a new study con
to add them into the lawsuit that the ag is presenting. get is this in anyç way similar to the virginia statute or not? virginia has filed separately from florida. they've raised the issues of constitutionality based on the commerce clause. they say it is unconstitutional that virginia can't order people to do this. >> i think it is a lot like the lawsuit going on in virginia. the 19 states we have, we've had criticism that we are spending taxpayer dollars to file in lawsuit. we've got some outside counsel which our share of the cost is onlyç $6,000. like i've told people, to save a billion dollars just in medicaid funding for $6,000 attorney fees i think is a great use of assets. >> greta: i take it you are a republican, is that correct, sir? >> yes, ma'am, that is. >> greta: in filing your amendment, have you had any conversation with the state attorney general or anyone in his office working together in any form and a fax or a tweet back and forth? >> we have not tweeted back and forth. we've discussed the amendment fryç dan and we had them in there this morning to go over how th
in an explosion at the massey upper big branch mine in west virginia. poor ventilation and buildup of methane gas believed to have been factors. there's a history of safety violations at the mine which the president calls troubling. the president had a stern message for companies that he says aren't doing enough. >> failure first and foremost of management but also a failure of oversight and in a failure of laws so riddled with loopholes they allowed unsafe conditions to continue. >> president obama asked the secretary of labor to streamline the rules that prove mining company committed a pattern of violations. the move would help the mine's safety agency pinpoint ongoing problems. >>> new at 4:00, time is about to expire on cheap parking in the city of alexandria. city leaders there are planning to raise parking rates this fall. they could go up as much as 75 cents above the current $1 per hour rate. officials also tell us they want to increase the number of parking spaces in old town. extend the hours that meters can be in force and install credit card friendly parking kiosks. it is all in an e
. the remote location and damaged roads are making rescue efforts difficult. >>> the west virginia governor has ordered all underground mines in the state to be inspected. set regulators will begin checking mines that have been repeatedly been warned about explosions. >>> it happened on march 3rd in college park follow ago i a win against duke. # 1-year-old jack mckenna is seen on that video backing up to park police on horse back and being attacked by at least three prince george's county police in riot gear. two officers have been suspended and more suspensions could follow. -- 21-year-old jack mckenna. >>> a botched math equation led michelle rhee to lay off 266 think indicators but apparently that was based on wrong numbers and now the district has a surplus in the budget. schools chancellor rhee said she would not rehire the teachers. mayor fenty called it an honest mistake. >>> if a d.c. artist has his way, you will see these sculptures popping up around the city. we are talk tag 100 hands and a mess think give me the vote. wisdom martin caught up with the man behind the hands. >> reporte
highway en alexandria virginia causando confunsion y molestia entre los dueÑos de negocios y traseuntes ... organizaciones como trabajadores e inquilinos unidos rechazaron el acto catalongadolo como intimidante en momentos en que se realiza el censo... hemos constatado que no habido este detenidos en todo caso para poder proveer el apoyo legal respectivo pero si es lo que no preocupa el impacto que esto esta causando en la comunidad pero la situacion se agravo mas...cuando un medio de comunicacion radial segun este empresario de el eden supermercado distribuyo mala informacion sobre la presunta redada la cual nunca existio lamentamos el anti profesionalismo de la gente que esta ahorita en el medio de comunicacion porque si ellos vieron que eso no era verdad no tienen por que publicarlo porque no estan afectando y nos gustaria mas que todo que ellos lo reconozcan que han hecho un error con hablar cosas que no exisitieron porque aca el enden no ha llegado inmigracion en ningun momento clientes del supermercado se sorprendieron por el presunto
dias..." en fairfax, virginia claudia uceda univision una mujer acusada de cometer varios crimenes incluyendo robo de vehiculo, robo de identidad y fraude bancario, es buscada en la region.. somsook jasmin mccollum residente de triangle, virginia, ha abierto varias cuentas de credito con informacion de otras personas, e incluso comprado vehiculos como range rover, mercedes y audi, en el condado de montgomery... la mujer tambien robo la billetera de una victima en una tienda del centro comercial de wheaton hace pocos meses... si la ha visto o conoce su paradero notifique a la policia de montgomery... retomando el tema de inmigracion...en arizona se realizaron una serie de allanamientos y arrestos que segun las autoridades federales, forma parte de un operativo contra el trafico de personas...el destino final de algunas de esas personas presuntamente era la region metropolitana de washington...el objetivo principal del vasto operativo fue las redes de transporte de personas que operan en varios estados..esta noche a las once tendremos mas... el sistema postal pod
review of the explosion that killed 29 west virginia miners last week makes it clear there are safety problems throughout the coal industry. the president is ordering federal regulators to work closely with state officials to prevent another tragedy underground. >> this isn't just about a single mine. it's about all of our mines. the safety record at the massey upper big branch mine was trouble. and it's clear that while there are many responsible companies, far too many -- far too many mines aren't doing enough to protect their workers' safety. >> now, at the moment, the president is on his way to kennedy space center. he might not get a real warm welcome there. he'll brief nasa workers on his policy on space flight, which includes to much dismay of some people, his decision to cancel a return to the moon. the plan does include building a new space capsule for use at the international space station, and developing a new generation of rockets for future trips to mars. >> i know you're looking at this going, what is wrong with people? well, web fans think this guy is top dog. what does
virginia avenue at al ba my road a watermain break there with some lanes closed and this one aberdeen eastbound 22 at route 40, watch for a right-lane closure continuing with the repair work. 11 minutes your drive time to be west side. seven minutes on 895 south from the 95 merge to the harbor tunnel toll. 95 at 395, problem-free, although volume is starting to build. and we switch to a live view 29 at broken land parkway. looking very good at this hour. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, new details in the videotaped beating of a college student at the hands of virginia coun police. >> now a second officer is suspended. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti live in our studio with more on that. good morning. >> good morning. this case has drawn national attention. one of the reasons is because this video is so clear. in the video you see a student being beaten repeatedly by police, 21-year-old jack mckenna is seen celebrateing the temperatures win over duke when he is stopped by officers on horse back and they beat him repeatedly even after he is dow
, hearing from virginia thomas, wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas, marco rubio is here. a rock star for this movement and for big waves in florida, including the possibility charles crist is going to run as an independent. we're on top of that. a lot of late breaking developments we'll cover with rubio and miss thompson. your world from atlanta, georgia. [ advisor 1 ] i have clients say it's really hard to save for the future and they've come to a point where it's overwhelming. [ advisor 2 ] oh gee, i'm scared to tell you i've got this amount of credit card debt or i've got a 15-year-old and we never got around to saving for their college. that's when i go to work. we talk, we start planning. we can fix this. i know we can do it. when clients walk out of my office they feel confident about their retirement. [ male announcer ] visit ameriprise.com and put a confident retirement more within reach. and you'll dump your old duster. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer 360
for change following last week's deadly mine explosion. as you know, 29 west virginia miners were killed in the horrible blast. today the president called for immediate action to prevent the tragedy from happening again. jennifer davis has more details. >> reporter: president barack obama is ordering immediate inspections of all u.s. mines with troubling track records after receiving a report about last week's deadly explosion in west virginia. >> this isn't just about a single mine. this is about all of our mines. >> reporter: the massey energy company owns the mine where the explosion occurred. company officials say they have above average safety record but this new record calls their safety record deeply troubling. >> safety masters like massey have been able to put their bottom line above the safety of their workers, filing appeals instead of fixing safety problems. >> reporter: plenty of companies are running responsible mines, far too many are not. inspectors and enforcement will be dispatched to the most problematic mines. >> when my boys go to
her if that tragedy in west virginia should have been prevented. and in wall to wall tonight, the president's vision for nasa's future. the president says he'll be alive when americans land on mars, but he has many critics, as we give them their say too, we'll show how all of us benefit from the american space program. in our pulse tonight, the tea party movement. there are protests here in washington and across the country. i'll ask a leader of that movement, the former republican congressman dick armey how he sees the political future playing out in this election year. first, as always, a few observations. >>> it is tax day. always a good time to reflect on the price and the power of our government. there are tea party rallies as we noted from coast to coast including right here in the capitol. tea is taxed enough already. as we listen to the frustration, we'll ask tonight if this protest movement has what it takes to evolve into a political force. first, we'll tackle two tragedies and questions about whether the government is using its power wisely. no is the answer two le
, by the way. i'm sorry. he's from west virginia. he says indiana as in in to in he always sounds like -- mr. west virginia john chambers is one of the most conservative in the country and when he said business is good no one listened. just like the force horsemen, oracle, microsoft, before it became the new horsemen of google and amazon -- well, you know. i have to tell you, i think underrated cisco is about to explode upward. i need to go to brad in my home state of pennsylvania, brad. >> caller: hey, jim, big phillies boo-yah to you. >> we go tonight, and let's hope jimmy rollins gets better fast boo-yah right back at you. >> caller: china integrated energy. they have strong growth in both earnings and revenue. they've got a good p/e ratio. they're expanding and they're doing it with cash. dax.com has them as a strong buy. i want to know what you think. >> all right. we're philadelphians, you and me. we don't like to lose money and secondly we don't like bums. i think a lot of chinese stocks that have been issued in the last two years look to me like the '64 phillies. they do not look to
x 0, orchard its fuel tank on 95 virginia coming through fredericksburg, there's a one-r delay. 95 north after route 3, there's only one lane open. in prince frederick maryland southbound 4 close to walmart, a pedestrian was hit. inner loop at the belt way out of tyson to bethesda, crashed on to the american legion bridge. traffic is sharing the left lane. >> a tough start. thank you. breaking news from northwest washington. two people injured at a fire at georgetown university. if it broke out at 3:00 a.m. at a building on the 3700 block of o street. firefighters put it out quickly. two contract workers were taken to hospital with burns on their arms and legs. the building had water and smoke damage. >> a r a the big story, two prince george's county police officers punished for their role in this video. both are serving a suspension while the department conducts an internal investigation into brutality claims. this morning we are learning new are learningwho they are -- we are learning new details about who they are. >> two police officers have been suspended. the department has
safety in light of the trend in west virginia from last week. >> president barack obama:... prayers. we owe them more than prayers. we owe them action. we owe them accountability an an assurance when they go to work every day, when they enter the dark mine, they are not alone. they ought to know behind them there is a company that is doing what it takes to protect them. and, a government that is looking out for their safety. in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy i asked the officials standing with me, labor secretary hilda solis, and joe main and kevin strickland with the mine safety and health administration to lead an investigation into what caused the explosion at massey energy company's upper big branch mine. i asked them to report back with preliminary findings, this week. we just concluded a meeting where they briefed me on their investigation. i want to emphasize, that this investigation is ongoing. and, there is still a lot we don't know. but, we do know, that this tragedy was triggered by a failure at the upper brig branch mine and a failure first and foremost of management
virginia, travel lanes are open, but sunshine delays. >> we know you are waking up earlier and we are too. you can join us at a new start time at >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 15th of april, 2010. a beautiful morning here in the northeast on what is traditionally not such a beautiful morning for a lot of people across the country -- tax day. if you're going to file those tax returns, that should be a little bit nerve-racking and cumbersome for a lot of people. we'll go outside and say hello to these people on the plaza in a while. >>> inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer, alongside meredith vieira. >>> fans are posting parts of whitney houston's performance online. take a look. ♪ >> obviously not the sound people have come to expect from the six-time grammy winner. so what went wrong? we'll have more on that coming up. >>> plus, they say all good things must come to an end. that appears to be the case for these low mortgage rates we've been seeing over the past couple of years. so what if you have an adjustable rate mortgage, what if you're looking to buy a home in the near future
's lived in and the rest he traveled to with his wife virginia who passed away seven years ago. don says if they didn't find a choir rehearsal to sit in on. >> i would just sit in the congregation and sing the harmony, whatever hymns we were singing and people around me would join me and come around and say oh, you ought to sing in the choir. >> music minister don sedgwick calls don a gentle soul and a great teacher of patience, of perseverance and of not taking yourself too seriously. >> he comes in, contributes what he can and lets that be enough and i think that's a great lesson. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i don't sing the notes that are written, but i make up my own harmony sometimes, and i know tom hears it, but he just smeels at me. >> you've been in so many choirs. what do you get out of singing? >> just a joy and the satisfaction of singing along. i just enjoy -- you know, i've been in church all my life, and i just i guess my way of praising god for a wonderful life. >> at 90, it's a little harder now for don to get around. he decided a few months back that easter would be his final perform
branch mine in west virginia. president obama tells his labor secretary to strengthen mine safety laws. we've heard this before. we're going to get more specific answers when secretary -- labor secretary hilda soliz joins us live. >>> and later, al qaeda in iraq is undergoing a major resurgence. what is the terrorist organization doing now, and what will it mean for our troops still in that country? sure watching msnbc. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. preparing for retirement can be complex. and with 7,000 boomers a day reaching retirement age, the need for help has never been greater. a merrill lynch financial advisor can help you plan, invest, and manage your assets, which could make your second act better than your first. merrill lynch wealth management. >>> a travel nightmare to say the least in europe right now. thousands of flights canceled in the region's busiest ai
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